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About Us

Our Mission

  •   For our customers, we strive to be a leading Indian company in the field of online marketing, offering a continuous range of value-added products and services.
  •   Our manufacturers can rely on us to provide unmatched marketing services with their products.
  •   We offer our franchisees and retailers unlimited growth opportunities and value-added schemes.
  •   We focus on setting new trends in online marketing for productivity and profitability as a company for our stakeholders.

Business plans and expansions

Additional Retail Outlets

We have planned to establish more retail outlets for faster reach with our customers to provide unmatched solutions as per their needs as well as sell unmatched quality products that have completed their cycle on television, but have an equity which can be optimized.

Internet Strategy

Our online store is growing rapidly and we are working towards turning it into the largest online shopping mall of the nation and the preferred shopping destination for customers.

Expanding Franchise and Retail Network

We are in the process of doubling the number of franchise outlets to cover every corner of India. Our plans to optimize brand capital and provide better access to shopping for customers in smaller cities are also being realized quickly. We are expanding our network of retail distributors throughout the country. We will have over 100 retailers by the end of the year.

Direct Marketing Strategy

Using direct marketing tools, we sell products that are needed directly face to face with customers.

Institutional Sales

Specially selected corporate institutions and organizations will be targeted as part of our marketing strategy.

Business Opportunity

We know to achieve perfection and growth as a company, Everyone has to work hard as a team as a family. In a world class work culture, each one is focused towards the same mission with integrity, with a WIN-WIN culture for everyone.

Deemark Established in November 2004 to 20th February, 2007 is now a renowned name in the field of Online Selling through Direct Sales, Multi Level Marketing and Online Promotion Sales.

The Directors and promoters are exceptionally qualified and experienced in various fields, having huge experience in industrial and administration relations and supported by the group of companies, who are engaged in manufacturing, trading and engineering fields.

We offer you a chance to join our national network and become a business assistant at Deemark.
Deemark is the fastest-growing telemarketing company, providing Ayurvedic solutions for almost every corner of the nation. We have strong and practical knowledge with well experienced Ayurvedic Expertise and products are with proper certification as per national standards.

Manufacturing Unit -
Altis Life Science,
677, Vill. Karuwana,
Sai Road, Baddi,
Distt. Solan, Himachal Pradesh.

Safe Packaging
Satisfied Customers - +50K

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