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Privacy Policy


To inform about the terms of regulation of any/all assistance or services that is/are to be observed within this website and/or any of its substitutional components comprehensive of but not restricted to https://www.deemark.com

To communicate about one’s rights pre/post-practice of any/all assistance or services answering to this website and/or administered by Deemark Healthcare Private Limited.

To communicate about any/all kinds of practices used by this website to collect any/all kinds of data (personal/non-personal) through inquiry forms/registration forms/survey forms/any other format.

To notify about the rights that this website https://www.deemark.com and Deemark Healthcare Private Limited holds over any/all kinds of data (personal/non-personal) collected through inquiry forms/registration forms/survey forms/any other format.


This policy pertains to all the visitants to this website and/or successors (to any/all kinds of assistance or services being produced by/within this website). This PPS describes this website's https://www.deemark.com objectives and policies corresponding to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of client/visitor/service(s) beneficiary information about the collected personal/non-personal information.


This website transfers cookies to your browser to keep a trace of the decisions and actions throughout your stay to this website.

You may reconfigure your browser settings to prevent any/all cookies from this website.

Reconfiguring your browser settings to prevent any/all cookies from this website may restrict you from practicing some sections/services that the website has to allow.

We may receive personal/non-personal information (PII) from you during your stay on this website.

We utilise multiple tools such as Google Analytics, Mailerlite, Mail Chimp, Aweber, Optinchat, Get Response, etc. to collect your personal/non-personal data.

Any/all kind of personal/non-personal data that we settle from you will be connected and least corresponding to our data requirements required to grant you a better and improved experience throughout your stay to this website and/or using the services granted by/within this website.

Any/every personal/non-personal connection knowledge that you share with us may be used to reach you for surveys/promotional pursuits.

We may transfer you periodic/regular newsletters/promotional emails intended to inform you of our fresh services and/or updates to the existing ones.

You may prefer to opt-out/unsubscribe to our newsletters/promotional emails at any point you require.

We reserve severe confidentiality of any/every personal/non-personal data that we settle from you i.e., none of the knowledge and information you share with us will be assigned with/revealed to anyone (individual/organization) other than the administrative and professional team of this website/Deemark Healthcare Private Limited in parts/whole.

This website has SSL equipped another cause for you to be eased about PII breach and/or leak.

Any/all of the write-ups in the blog segment of this website are strengthened up by well-researched content from trustworthy references present on the internet and/or into the real-life situational interpretation.

Any/every information laid down in the write-ups of the blog section of this website about health, fitness and wellness notwithstanding being well researched is not advice from the expert(s) and must not be used as such.

This website/Deemark Healthcare Private Limited cannot be retained accountable/responsible for any kind of grievances whatsoever about the adverse consequences whilst following guidance from the write-ups of the blog segment of this website in any/all extraordinary circumstances.

All intellectual property rights about any/all of this website’s content including but not limited to descriptions of the various services provided by Deemark Healthcare Private Limited/write-ups in the blog section/interactive content throughout the website are reserved solely with this website and Deemark Healthcare Private Limited.

Using any/every part of the content of this website mentioned in ‘reference-(15)’ without prior notice and/or peculiar credentials will be exerted as an offence against this website and/or Deemark Healthcare Private Limited. Any/every offence about/of/on this website and/or Deemark Healthcare Private Limited will be dealt with punctiliously related to/and with law pursuances.

Not all the services incorporated within this website appear with post-service-period assistance and/or supervision.

You will be informed before/whilst enrollment regarding any/every post-service-period assistance and/or supervision to any/every service inside this website is responsible.

Any/every change within any/all post-service-period support/guidance is a matter of this website’s/Deemark Healthcare Private Limited policies and can be stopped/altered without any prior information.

Any/all financial transactions made for subscribing to any/every service provided by Deemark Healthcare Private Limited within this website will be made through secured channels and servers. Although, we do not keep the efficiency for recurring transaction malfunctions or collapses due to the corrupt server.

Infrequently, at our inclination, we may include/offer third-party products/services on this website. Certain third-party websites have separate and self-governing secrecy policies. We, accordingly, have no liability or accountability for the content and actions of these connected websites. Although, we attempt to protect the sincerity of this website and embrace any feedback regarding certain websites.

This PPS necessity is recognised to be in influence from January 2017 and will remain to be so except we execute any proper/distinguished adjustments to the conditions in parts/whole.

Any variation inside this PPS will be conveyed to visitors’ notification upon modification.


PPS: PPS: The use of PPS during the aforementioned clauses can be alluded to as Privacy Policy Statement.

THIS WEBSITE: The use of This Website throughout the PPS can be referred to as https://www.deemark.com

CONTENT: The use of content during the PPS can be related to anything/everything comprehensive of but not restricted to Texts/Images/Videos/Presentations etc.

PII: The effectiveness of PII can be related to Personally Identifiable Information and therefore relates to any/every kind of personal data comprehensive of but not restricted to name, contact number, email address and domestic location.

SSL: The use of SSL during the PPS can be related to a Secured Server Location which can be additionally related to being a treaty for data encryption and decryption to defend communications and delicate knowledge for third party security hence guarantying protected online transactions.

WE: The use of WE throughout the PPS can be referred to as the authoritative/administrative team for any/every content/technical upgrade/maintenance of this website/Deemark Healthcare Private Limited.

Legal Disclaimer - The above product is not conscious to spot, medicate, treat or intercept any medical states or diseases. Recommend always read the label properly, warnings and directions to use before consuming. Results may vary from person to person depending upon their health conditions. Actual Product, packaging, and materials may contain several different information than shown.

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