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Term & Conditions

Deemark Healthcare Private Limited is the sole licensed owner of www.deemark.com, Deemark Healthcare Private Limited has created this Terms of Service Agreement to exhibit our firm binder to protect information you submit and services you get. If you are using Deemark Healthcare Private Limited services, then please read the following terms and conditions cautiously before registering to browse, downloading, or using the Deemark Healthcare Private Limited website. The terms and conditions apply to all associated sites linked to https://deemark.com/, or the Deemark mobile application or any platform connected with Deemark. It also applies to services and products provided by Deemark, as well as any other content or features that we may (or may not) from time to time provide on our website.

This Terms of Service Agreement describes how the Company administers or supervises customer’s personal data collected, received, or maintained. For the prevention of incredulity, it has been clearly explained that these terms and conditions shall be valid to all Deemark Services, whether offered by the Website or Mobile app.

You agree that Deemark may disclose your given name, e-mail address and another status of input to perform various transactions that are needed to carry out the service. Safeguarding your confidentiality is crucial to Deemark. Please check our Privacy Policy to better understand how we use and reveal your data.

We collect data pertaining to you which may be classified as personal data and critical personal data or information and all other types of information via our website, other online services and other modes. We take paramount care to safeguard your privacy. This Terms of Service Agreement pertains to the different means of how we collect your personal data and describes how your information is stored and carefully handled.

This Agreement administers your use of this Platform, use of the trade name – Deemark Healthcare Private Limited ("Deemark Healthcare Private Limited"), and provision of products for purchase made through this Platform, and / or your services availed through this Platform.

For the fulfillment of this Agreement, wherever the milieu so needs "You" or "User" shall mean any person including any natural or legal person who uses the Platform or buys any product from the Platform using any device or system including but not limited to any particular device, handheld device and other gadgets like tablets or ipads. This Agreement comprises, and integrates by reference; the policies and guidelines complied with in this Agreement. On the occasion of any disagreement between the terms of this Agreement and any condition of such policies and guidelines, the conditions of this Agreement shall win through in relation to the subject matter hereof. We strongly advise you to carefully read all the terms and guidelines, as available on this Platform.

Deemark Healthcare Private Limited holds back the right to revise/modify the Agreement at any time by posting such modifications or the revised Agreement on this Platform.

Deemark Healthcare Private Limited may notify you about the revisions or modifications made by signifying on the top of this Agreement the date it was last amended or by any other means. The modified Agreement will be effective immediately after it is sent on this Platform. Your exercise of the Platform following the availability of any such modifications will comprise continued reception of the Agreement including the revisions thereof.

Deemark Healthcare Private Limited motivates you to analyze this Agreement whenever you visit the site to make sure that you understand and abide by the terms and conditions assessing the use of the website OR/AND the purchase of products OR/AND services. This Agreement does not alter in any way the terms or conditions of any other written agreement you may have with Deemark Healthcare Private Limited for other products or services. On the occasion of any conflict between the terms of this Terms of Service Agreement and any other agreement implemented with you, the conditions of such other agreement shall take place in relation to the subject matter thereof.

If you do not agree with this Terms of Service Agreement (including any policies or guidelines referred to herein), we request you to immediately terminate your visit or use of the site or products and services.


Terms & Conditions of Products/Services Offered This Site offers to sell a variety of products including Health Products (the "Products"). You are agreeing to the terms and conditions set in this Terms of Service Agreement by placing an order for the Products via this Site.

Customer Entreaty

Unless you alert in writing our third party vendors or Deemark Healthcare Private Limited advisors, of your purpose to opt out from further direct and indirect marketing interactions and entreaties, you are agreeing to continue to receive monthly newsletters, emails, calls and messages via other mediums which Deemark Healthcare Private Limited may amend from time to time including but not limited to text messages for importuning Products.

Opt Out Process

You can choose to opt out from receiving future marketing and importuning communications or You may also choose to stop receiving future alerts and informative communication.

Ownership, Proprietary Privileges

Deemark Healthcare Private Limited has proprietary privileges to buy and sell coverts in the products and services. You shall not copy, replicate, resell or reallocate any Product manufactured and/or distributed by Deemark Healthcare Private Limited. We also have rights to all trademarks and particular layouts of this Site, including calls to action buttons, text placement, graphics, content and other data. You agree not to take away, unclear, or change Deemark or any third party’s copyright, patent, proprietary rights notices through the Deemark Platform. In case you have queries regarding the Deemark Services or ideas on how to perk up it, please contact our customer service. While doing so, please note that by doing so, You hereby shall assign to Deemark, all rights, name, and interests in and all information and suggestions and any global intellectual property rights connected therewith.


Website Content, Graphics, Intellectual Property, and Third Party Links For the availability of the Products, the site also provides data and marketing materials. The site also provides information, both directly and through indirect links to third-party platforms, mobile applications about dietetic and nutritional supplements. Deemark Healthcare Private Limited does not always pertain to the data provided on this site; instead the data is often collected or inspired from other sources. To the extent that Deemark Healthcare Private Limited does create the content on this site, such content and graphic is safeguarded by intellectual property laws of India, foreign countries, and international bodies. Unlawful utilization of the content may breach or infringe copyright, trademark, and/or other laws.

You concede that your utilization of the content on this site is for private, non-commercial use. Any links to third-party platforms and mobile applications are offered solely as expediency to you. Deemark Healthcare Private Limited does not approve the contents on any such third-party platforms and mobile applications. Deemark Healthcare Private Limited is not accountable for the content of or any harm that may result from your access to or dependence on these third-party platforms and mobile applications.


By accepting the Terms and conditions for using the Deemark Services on the Deemark Platform, You represent that you have not been before suspended or removed by Deemark, or banned for any other reason, from using the Deemark Services or using the Deemark mobile application or any other platform related or associated with Deemark. In addition, with this, you also stand for, and necessitate that you agree with this Agreement and comprehend all the terms and conditions listed in this contract. People who can form legally requisite contracts under Indian Contract Act, 1872 (Act) will be considered only eligible to use the site. People who are not eligible as per the conditions mentioned within the meaning of the contract such as a person below the age of 18 years (minor) shall not register him/herself as the user of this platform. Legal guardians or parents can handle or use the Platform on behalf of a minor. Deemark Healthcare Private Limited reserves the right to cease the membership or subscription and/or refuse admittance to the site upon obtaining actual data that you are under the age of 18 years. Use of site; Deemark Healthcare Private Limited is not liable or answerable for any harms resulting from use of this site by anyone. You will not utilize the website for any unlawful purposes or mishandling.

Other Terms and Conditions

In addition to the above, the terms and conditions may also apply for you to avail particular Deemark Services and specific portions or features of the Deemark site and terms are also applicable, including promotions and promotion activities and other similar looking or similar features, all of which are made a piece of these Terms and conditions.

Deemark can make changes to any Deemark Services offered on the Deemark Platform, or to the suitable terms for any such Deemark Services, on any occasion, without any prior notice. The materials on the Deemark site with value to the Deemark Services may be outdated, and Deemark makes no promise to revise the materials on the Deemark Platform concerning such Deemark Services.


By posting, storing, or spreading any content on the site, you hereby grant Deemark Healthcare Private Limited an uninterrupted, global, non-exclusive, royalty-free, convertible, right and license to utilize, replicate, display, execute, create imitative works from, allocate, have distributed, send out and dispense such content in any form, in all media now known or hereinafter performed, anywhere in the world. Deemark Healthcare Private Limited does not have the responsibility to manage the nature of the user-generated content provided via the site. You are solely liable for your communications with other users of the site and any content you post. Deemark Healthcare Private Limited is not responsible for any harm resulting from any posts by or communications between users. Deemark Healthcare Private Limited pertains to the right, but has no commitment, to monitor exchanges between and among users of the site and to remove any content Deemark Healthcare Private Limited considers objectionable, at its sole discretion.


The user of this site or products or services is using the same at their own risk. The website/Site and products are offered on an "as it is condition" and "as per the availability" basis. To the extent allowed under applicable laws, Deemark Healthcare Private Limited explicitly disclaims all warranties of any kind, whether put across or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a specific purpose and non-infringement with respect to the products or site contents, or any reliance upon or use of the site content or Products.

Without limiting the oversimplification of the preceding, Deemark Healthcare Private Limited does not guarantee: That the data offered on this site is truthful, reliable, absolute, or timely.

Restriction of Legal Responsibility

The entire responsibility of Deemark Healthcare Private Limited and your restricted remedy, in law, in fairness, or otherwise, with deference to the Platform content and services and/or for any infringement of this Agreement is solely restricted to the price you paid in last one month from any such claim occurring, less shipping and handling prices and taxes, for products bought through the site.

To the extent offered under applicable laws, Deemark Healthcare Private Limited will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, secondary, special or substantial indemnity in connection with this Agreement or the Products in any manner, including responsibilities resulting from (i) the utilization or the incapability to utilize the site content or Products; (ii) the price of acquiring alternate Products or content; (iii) any Products bought or acquired or transactions made into via the site; or (iv) any lost profits you claim.

Order Placement and Pricing

We do not guarantee that the ordered quantity will match the product quantity you avail at the time of order delivery. We, however, take special care to provide users with the exact or at least similar quantity of the product ordered by the customers. But due to the certain variations in the nature of the products offered by us, guaranteeing exact quantities is not possible. No advice or information, whether oral or written, acquired by the users from this site will produce any warranty not explicitly stated herein as to the results that may be acquired from the utilization of the Products or that defects in products will be rectified.

The cost mentioned on the site is in relation to a specific quantity of Product as available on the site and against such Product. Thus, the cost mentioned for your order will also be on the basis of the weight / depiction of the Product ordered by you. However, the original price incurred by you will be on the basis of the actual amount / quantity of Product delivered to you. Any difference in anticipated price and actual price shall be accustomed by making a refund by Deemark Healthcare Private Limited or payment of difference by you to Deemark Healthcare Private Limited We shall refund any additional amount paid by you and the mode of payment shall be as decided by Deemark Healthcare Pvt Ltd from time to time credit through Reward points, crediting to any other payment methods that you may use. Any added price that you are accountable to pay, shall be collected at the time of delivery of the order.

Delivery and Additional Charges

Deemark Healthcare Private Limited may charge such delivery and handling charges as it may in its sole discretion decide from time to time and pertinent taxes. At present, Deemark Healthcare Private Limited charges inclusive of delivery, management charges and taxes, if valid. Deemark Healthcare Private Limited may in its sole and complete discretion, without intimating, may modify such inclusive charge.


Prices for our Products mentioned on the site are subject to change without prior notice. We reserve all the rights to amend or discontinue the Products without notice. We are responsible to you or to anyone else for any modification, price change, deferment or discontinuance of the Products.

Billing Accuracy and Account Information

Deemark Healthcare Private Limited pertains to all the rights to decline a particular order placed by the user. We may, at our sole discretion, decrease or cancel quantities ordered per person, per household or per order. These limitations may include orders placed by or under the same user account, same payment methods or similar locations. Any change in your will be notified to you via email or other contacting methods provided to us at the time of the order placement. You grant to provide us with the prevailing, comprehensive and precise purchase and account data for all transactions conducted at the site.

Terms of Privacy

Deemark Healthcare Private Limited believes strongly in safeguarding user privacy and offering you with notice of use of your personal information. Please refer to Deemark Healthcare Private Limited privacy policy. The privacy policy can also be read on the site. By registering for the Deemark; Service or Deemark app platform, you acknowledge and agree to these all terms and conditions.

Legal Disclaimer - The above product is not conscious to spot, medicate, treat or intercept any medical states or diseases. Recommend always read the label properly, warnings and directions to use before consuming. Results may vary from person to person depending upon their health conditions. Actual Product, packaging, and materials may contain several different information than shown.

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