Herbal Hair Oil Plus for Healthy & Shiny Hair

Herbal Hair Oil Plus for Healthy & Shiny Hair

Benefits of Herbal Hair Oil

  • Controls Dandruff & Hair Fall
  • Improves hair texture & shine
  • Provides Deep Nourishment
  • Repairs Damaged Hair
  • Balances Hair Growth Cycle
  • Reduce Graying of Hair
  • Faster Hair Growth
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  • Eases stress
    fosters healthy sleep habits

  • Revitalizes damaged hair

  • Useful against baldness and dandruff

  • Produce new and healthier hair

  • Badam Oil

  • Heena

  • Shikakai

  • Shankpushpi

Other Ingredients - Bhringraj, Brahmi, Harad, Behera, Kamal, Anantmool, Manjeeth, Padmakh, Lodhra, Chandan Laal, Bala, Haridra, Daruhaldi, Nagkesar, Priyangu, Pippali, Jyotishmati, Gulab, Heena, Reetha, Chitrak, Karanj, Aak, Kalihari, Vatsnabh, Gunja, Giloy, Sariva, Tulsi, Makoi, Devdaru, Rasanjan,  Ghritkumari, Neem, Bhilawa, Shudh Kasis, Bakuchi, Arjun, Gambhari, jamun, Neeli, Sonth, Endrayal, Kadali, Vacha, Nirgundi, Sarpagandha, Chakramard , Giri oil, Til Oil.

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    Best Quality Products
  • 100% Natural Herbs
    100% Natural Herbs
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    No Artificial Colors
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Herbal Hair Oil Plus is an 100 % Natural Oil made to help you grow your hair and control hair fall. It contains powerful herbs for hair growth that are good for your scalp and hair roots. In Ayurveda, every individual has a combination of three doshas - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha - which determine their unique hair characteristics. By knowing your dosha type, you can tailor your hair care routine accordingly.

Understanding Your Hair Type According to Ayurveda

A. Vata Hair Type: Dry, thin, and prone to split ends. 

B. Pitta Hair Type: Oily, fine, and prone to inflammation. 

C. Kapha Hair Type: Thick, lustrous, and prone to oiliness.

Deemark herbal hair oil Plus is made with natural herbs like amla, shikakai, bhringraj, shankhpushpi, and brahmi. These herbs provide your hair with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to make it strong and healthy. It increases blood flow to your hair, promotes new growth, and prevents further loss. Made for all hair types with tremendous hair growth benefits & natural ingredients, it's the perfect solution for keeping your hair beautiful.

If you're looking for a natural hair oil that promotes fast hair growth, herbal hair oil is an excellent choice. 

Deemark Hair Care Products will help you take good care of yourself and your hair. You deserve to feel amazing, and this ayurvedic herbal hair oil will help you achieve just that.

Product Details

Net Quantity: 800ml

Herbal Hair Oil - (200ml x 4)

Usage Instructions

  • Use a nourishing hair oil formulated for hair growth.
  • Massage the oil into your scalp for at least 10 minutes.
  • Leave the oil on your scalp overnight or for 3-4 hours.
  • Wash your hair with a gentle, herbal shampoo.
  • Get regular trims, eat a healthy diet, avoid heat styling, get enough sleep, and manage stress.


What is Deemark Herbal Hair Plus?

Deemark Herbal Hair Plus is a herbal hair care product that is specially formulated with organic ingredients to help fight hair loss and promote healthy hair growth.

Is Deemark Herbal Hair Plus safe for all hair types?

Yes, Deemark Herbal Hair Plus can be used on colored or chemically treated hair, as it is free of harmful chemicals.

Provides nourishment to the scalp

Customer Reviews

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Good Oil For Hair

With time results will be visible.

It is very good product,it control hairfall and repair damage hair

It is very good oil and it is excellent

Good hair oil

All i can say is that it is amazing!! My hair feels very Healthy now.

Fair of price. Usefull product

I Could feel the nourishment in my hair. Works significantly and loved it.

Reduces hairfall

Should try, all natural product. Love using it!!